We are more than just a sugar mill

Company Philosophy

  • Transparency in policies and action
  • Maximizing long term shareholders’ value
  • Socially valued Enterprises
  • Commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction
  • Independence to develop and maintain a healthy work culture
  • Caring for people and the environment
  • Accountability for performance

In a nutshell, the philosophy can be described as observing business practices with the ultimate aim of enhancing long-term shareholders’ value and commitment to the high standard of business ethics.

What We Do

The Company is into the business of manufacturing of

  • Sugar Distillery Product
  • Ethanol and Denatured Spirit
  • Generation & Supply of Electricity


This is where the magic happens. A sneak peek into the heart of our operations


A Sugar Mill, Distillery and Power Station All in One

At KM Sugar, our financial discipline reflects in our numbers not only for this fiscal, but over the years; because discipline is a part of our DNA.

The Company is into the business of manufacturing of sugar, Distillery Products and in Generation of Electricity, unit is situated in Faizabad (U.P.). The Company has the sugar plant capacity of 9000TCD, Distillery Plant-45KLPD and Cogeneration Plant of 25MW. The company also established its name in the field of Sugar Export-Import, domestic sugar trading along with manufacturing activities. KMSML has a vast experience in the field of sugar export as well as in domestic trading of sugar. The company has experienced team for sugar procurement, logistic and for sale of sugar.

Milestone Achived in Suger Division

0 TCD in the year 1971

0 TCD in the year 1980

0 TCD in the year 2000

0 TCD in the year 2020

Our Products

From Sugar to Power, We Have It All